Orange & Fennel Polpette with Sugo

Orange & Fennel Polpette with Sugo

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Italian-inspired 'meatballs' browned, flavoured with fragrant fennel seeds and a touch of orange zest. Served in a rich tomato sugo. A quick and easy dinner with 'wow factor'


The obvious choice has to be a bed of al dente spaghetti. More adventurous types can whip up a bed of creamy polenta. For the 'low-carbers' amongst us: try zucchini noodles or sauteed broccolini. 


Our Polpette serving weighs 700g and is suitable for 2-3 people served with accompaniments, like pasta or polenta.


Plant-based mince*, crushed Italian tomatoes, onion, olive oil, garlic, rosemary, basil, fennel seeds, orange zest, salt, sugar.

*Plant-Based mince ingredients: Rehydrated SOY protein (58%), water, coconut oil, SOY flour, WHEAT gluten, ALMONDS, penny bun mushroom powder, tomato, fermented dextrose, tapioca starch, salt, malt extract (BARLEY), colouring (beetroot), natural flavouring, maltodextrin, stabiliser (methyl cellulose).


Allergen statement: Whilst all of our food is made with entirely plant-based ingredients, using equipment used only for plant-based food, our kitchen facilities are shared with other businesses. As such, at this time, we cannot guarantee our food is allergen free. That includes: gluten, wheat, fish, shellfish, peanuts, milk, egg and sesame seeds. We apologise to all of our friends with severe allergies. For further information, please feel free to contact us at: 


Warning: Container is not microwavable!

This container (despite its looks) is compostable in a commercial facility. Please return to one of the Plant Kitchen Team for composting. Thanks!

Instructions: Cook from frozen. Pop out of container into a saucepan and stir continuously over a medium heat until piping hot.

Alternatively, defrost in the fridge overnight. Pour into a saucepan and stir over a medium heat until piping hot. 

"Stumbling across The Plant Kitchen Co has been our best discovery for 2020. These are the best meals on the market today (plant based or otherwise). The meal sizes are great, the taste is amazing, and the cost is about on par with what you'd spend to buy the ingredients for a similar sized meal yourself from the supermarket - except it takes 2 minutes of prep time to pop them in the oven, rather than spending an hour on prepping a fresh meal each night." - Matt H